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We match students to colleges that are an academic, financial, and social fit.  For free.  Always.

You had me at “match.”

STUDENTS take a survey and get their matches.  It’s that simple.  Sign up below to get on the waiting list for the next relaunch.

Take a look at where students have been matched and funded.

American University Bard College Beloit College Cal Tech Columbia University Cornell College

Evergreen College Georgia Tech Harvard University Harvey Mudd College Howard University

Knox College Loyola Marymount University Macalester College New York University

Occidental College Pitzer College Purdue University San Diego State Santa Clara University

Spelman College Texas A & M University UC Berkeley UCLA University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania

University of Portland University of San Diego University of Washington Whitman College

And many more.

For nerds, by nerds.

Bridge to College was built by former educators and education researchers.  There isn’t anything about schooling, higher education, testing, curricula, teaching, applications, and much, much more that we don’t know about. 

Seriously.  Ask us anything.  


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College is hard. 

This part doesn’t have to be.

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